LA REPUBBLICA – Torino cronaca -  Tuesday, May 5, 2005, pag. VI

A passionate homily of the cardinal: “We know for sure that it is not a false"

Poletto exalts the Shroud “Challenge of the faith"

The cover of the case is presented



“The Shroud is a challenge for our faith. We are not able to certify its authenticity. To do that only some small shred lack. But we know for sure that it is not a false, it is the revelation of the divine majesty.” A homily all devoted to the deep meaning of the Sacred Linen, the one cardinal Severino Poletto delivered in the Cathedral yesterday. The occasion was the festivity of the Shroud, at the end of which the new precious cover that coats the case in Guarini chapel was shown. Cardinal Severino Poletto remained in prayer with the orthodox monk from Moscow, Andronic.

The case containing the sheet is now covered with a light, fire-resistant and easily removable cloth, which has a precious embroidery of silk threads along which we find the prayer that has accompanied the veneration for the Shroud for years: "Tuam Sindonem veneramur, Domine, et tuam recolimus Passionem, we venerate your Shroud, Lord, and with it we meditate on your Passion.

A second innovation regards the symbols of the “Arma Christi,” the iconography linked to the Passion, interpreted with a modern line cross to which the crown of thorns and the nails are interlaced, on a purple strip that crosses the case in the middle. A new lighting system and a composition of thorny branches of various colors completes the new preparation, with passion-flowers, in whose calyx the tradition sees the instruments of the Passion. A vine-shoot then links symbolically the case with a big picture of the face in negative hanging in the middle of the chapel.