• Holy Saturday in contemplation in front of the Shroud on live TV and on social media

    "Let's go back again this year in front of the Shroud, Logo Easter 2021 Exhibitionto pray for our community and for the whole world still besieged by the pandemic ". Thus the Archbishop of Turin, Cesare Nosiglia, began the meditation in front of the Shroud which was held on April 3 to lead a moment of prayer, even if, "It is not a real exhibition but rather a contemplation of the sacred Linen placed in its Reliquary" he specified. The appointment with the Shroud was at 5 pm. The sheet which, according to tradition, wrapped Jesus in the sepulcher, has not been moved from the Reliquary in which it is kept. Nosiglia approached it at the beginning and at the end of the prayer. In the Turin Cathedral a little crowd participated in the prayer.

    The images were broadcast live on the television channel TV2000 but also on computer screens and on social networks, via the "Holy Shroud" Facebook page, on the official website and on YouTube where the event began at 4:30 pm.

    "The day of Holy Saturday is central in the journey of the Church. The Shroud, in addition to being a mirror of the Gospel, offers us not only the tortured body of Jesus in the signs of his passion mentioned in the Gospels, but it is also an icon of this day which is a prelude to the Easter of Resurrection.", Archbishop Nosiglia explained.

    The first part of the celebration (from 5 pm) saw the various signs of the Passion explained (from the crown of thorns, to the scourging, to the nails in the hands and feet and to the spear that penetrates the side of the Lord), commented by some people, chosen among those who do their utmost to alleviate the suffering of others, or who have experienced the pandemic, or other forms of disease, or injustice or violence. Shroud experts from the Turin International Center of Sindonology also took part.

    The Shroud during the prayer

    The Shroud during the prayer


    The second part of the afternoon (from 5.30 pm) was dedicated to prayer presided by Archbishop Nosiglia. This year, unlike last year, the prayer was set according to a millenary tradition that marked Holy Saturday as a day of silence, meditation and prayer before the tomb of Christ.

    "I hope - said Nosiglia - that all this will help our communities but also every person of good will to welcome in hope and for believers in the faith, this Easter message of death and resurrection in order not to give up and never be discouraged in the face of any tragedy and difficulty that we have to face in life but also to work so that many of our brothers and sisters in need of support and help find in each of us the courage to imitate the Lord who did not allow himself to be overcome by evil but won it with good and because of this he also defeated death.

    We celebrate this contemplation in our Cathedral: and a few meters above us we can see, finally restored, the Chapel invented by Guarino Guarini, which was the first "house" of the Shroud here in Turin. In these days the restorations of the Bertola altar, in the center of the Chapel, have also been completed: and it is an important sign, which gives us courage on our ability to recover from even the most serious events. But it remains a place of worship, prayer and reflection: also for this reason I hope that there will soon be opportunities to bring up there the presence of a liturgy that reconnects our culture and our past to the "present" of prayer of the church.

    The message that the celebration wants to offer to everyone is this: Your love is forever". (La Repubblica, April 4, 2021)